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How Big Is Your Rolodex File?

March 15, 2007

This question loomed on the back of a book from best-selling author Harvey Mackay during the recent Mega Book Marketing University in Los Angeles. I was looking forward to Mackay’s talk during the sessions because of my long-term admiration for his writing and work. Each Monday I read his syndicated newspaper column in the business section of the Arizona Republic.

While Mackay told entertaining stories and used startling statistics in his talk (which was not recorded as a part of the CDs available after the session), one area stood out to me—his Mackay 66 customer profile (available on his website). This profile was included in our written material at the conference and involves four pages of 66 questions. For each new customer, Mackay trained his employees to collect this information, put it into a database and use it to strengthen their relationships. It’s little wonder the Mackay Envelope Company continues today as a huge success.

Each participant in the Mega Book Marketing University was given a copy of a little booklet called, The Harvey Mackay Rolodex Network Builder. As usual with a conference, I brought the booklet home. I wonder how many others in the room did the same but did they read the booklet? I did yesterday. Like the Mackay 66, this booklet talks about the value of collecting and using the information from each person you meet.

I’ve still got a number of contacts to follow-up from my time in Los Angeles. I’m committed to continuing a number of those relationships and building them. You never know which one or number of them will develop into something important for the days ahead. I suspect many people will return home and toss those business cards from a conference into a desk drawer or throw them away. Instead, I’d encourage you to see those cards as a resource and the start of something potentially important in your future writing life. It has certainly been the case for me and it might be for you.