If It’s Thursday Then…

I must be headed to the Phoenix airport for another conference. I’ll be going out to the She Speaks Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina this coming weekend.

Several of my friends are road warriors and travel almost weekly or several times a month. It’s not my normal travel schedule to have three weekends in a row in three different areas of the United States. In each place, I’ve had some good meetings and opportunities.

I’m excited about the potential in Charlotte and we’ll see what happens. I’ve been learning how to be very productive during the long airplane trips. I’ll have my AlphaSmart in my laptop bag. I continue to get some weird comments but it’s been a lifesaver for getting work done on the airplane–yes even in the coach section when the person in front of you puts their seat in recline. Because the AlphaSmart has a much smaller screen, it doesn’t have the difficulties of a laptop in that same situation.

My entries here will be scarce for a few days. If you ever wonder, just check my schedule and it may give you the answer.

4 Responses to “If It’s Thursday Then…”

  1. SB Williamson Says:

    Terry, you’re headed to my neck of the woods. Welcome back to North Carolina! Oh, in case you forgot: that really dense stuff you’re having to slice through to walk and breathe? Humidity. ‘Gives meaning to “slow, sultry, southern summer”. Hopefully Charlotte’s cooled off a bit more than my part of the state.

    Wishing you safe travels, cooler weather and an excellent conference.

  2. Rachelle Says:

    Wow, Terry, you are all over the place these days. Hope you have a fun & productive time in Phoenix! (And hope the air condiditioning stays functional everywhere you go.)

    I’m going to have to check into that AlphaSmart. I wrote a blog post yesterday about how I take my laptop EVERYWHERE.

    Have a great weekend…

  3. Terry Whalin Says:

    Rachelle and Sharon,

    Thank you for the comments. We’ve arrived here in Charlotte, NC from Phoenix for a few days at a busy conference. Now if one of my wife’s missing bags shows up from the airline we will be set. It’s part of the “joys” of travel.


  4. Terry Whalin Says:

    Thankfully the bag just showed up. Now on with the conference!


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