Use the Power of Personalization

I’m learning how to use a tool called to add the sound of my voice to different web pages. Here’s an example that I recorded last night:

Yesterday I recorded a welcome message for the subscription page of my newsletter. I’m experimenting to see if more people will subscribe with this additional boost.

Also you can send postcards with Audiogenerator such as this one. The tool is flexible and easy to use. I’m not very skilled in the technical area and I figured it out. If I can do it, almost anyone can give it a whirl. I see it as a powerful method to personalize your message.

4 Responses to “Use the Power of Personalization”

  1. Cindy Thomson Says:

    Just my opinion. I’m not sure I like it when Web pages talk to me automatically without my having to click to hear it. I think I’d rather have the option of whether or not to listen to the audio file. A word of caution though. Whenever we go to a public place with our laptops, we need to make sure we have the volume turned down.

  2. Richard Mabry Says:

    You always have neat stuff to share. I quickly discovered the “stop” button on the little gizmo, but out of respect for you, I didn’t hit it–but it’s there for those who prefer the sounds of silence.

    I went to the website for this utility and was about to sign up for the free trial, then noticed the proverbial “fine print” that told me that, although my email address wouldn’t be shared, I was signing up to receive regular issues of the company’s newsletter. I thought your readers needed to know this as well.
    Thanks, as always, for your postings.

  3. Terry Whalin Says:

    Cindy, when you create the audio, you can decide whether you make it play automatically or whether the person has to push the button. In this case, I decided to have it play since it’s new and a bit unusual for me.

    Richard, almost every company when you sign up also sends you an occasional newsletter so this practice doesn’t strike me as different from any other company where I use their product. You can always not take a newsletter when offered.

    I’m going to be experimenting with this tool to see how it helps my response rate. I believe it will increase them.


  4. ChrisB Says:

    I agree with Cindy. I don’t like when web pages start talking at me.

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