A Brilliant Yet Flawed Book Campaign

At the recent Mega Book Marketing University in Los Angeles, one of the presentations was about the virtual book tour. If you haven’t heard about this new technology from Alex Mandossian, it’s brilliant and involves several parts.

First, you create an “Ask page” which gathers questions from anyone who wants to ask you a question during a teleseminar. They gave us the template for this page. Each one is created the same and one of the examples they gave is from an attorney in the Phoenix area, Steven Allen. Steve is promoting his new book, You Can’t Take It With You and was attending the event in Los Angeles. They told us about his virtual book tour on March 7th.

I did not make the live book tour but in yesterday’s mail I received a personal handwritten card from Steve as a follow-up from our personal meeting along with an invitation to see the replay of his teleseminar. I went to the page, looked around and the link for the teleseminar replay was not on the page. I’ve written a short note to Steve and encouraged him or his webmaster to fix it. Hopefully by the time you look at this example, the right link will be added to the section that is turning from blue to red.

Then I began to look a bit closer at the handwritten card from Steve. It came from Sendoutcards. I checked that site–and it’s another fascinating technology company. For a fee, you can program their system to handwrite cards and mail them out to your list. I wondered how a busy attorney like Steve Allen would be able to handwrite such a card and I found the answer.

My point is these types of book campaigns are only excellent if every part of them works. It does not work to send me to a page so I can listen to the replay of a teleseminar and the link isn’t on the page. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly in these entries, the devil is in the details.

Alex Mandossian has created an amazing set of tools. Through the Ask page, the author gathers questions about the book that his listeners want to hear the answers. These questions shape the content of the teleseminar (and the replay). Here’s some of the other books which have toured and more information about it.

No matter what you are doing–Internet, writing a book, writing a magazine article or anything else–you have to check and double check these details to make sure everything is working. And if it is not working, then take immediate steps to fix it. Otherwise you will do brilliant yet flawed work.

3 Responses to “A Brilliant Yet Flawed Book Campaign”

  1. Patsi Says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Terry. When anybody offers something online, whether for free or for a fee, all you have to create trust and credibility are your words on a computer screen. And if something doesn’t work or is missing, there goes the reliability factor. The devil is in the details, and most info-preneurs online spend all their time creating the products and never learning how to set up their web pages and shopping cart systems properly. This takes time and effort. It’s not rocket science, but you have to check and double check. BTW, Steve’s is corrected now. I recently found your blog, Terry, and I’m enjoying your writing. Keep up the good work!

  2. Patsi Says:

    One more thing, Terry. I didn’t even realize you had a Blogger blog, it is done so nicely. My partner Denise Wakeman and I are The Blog Squad, and we keep an eye on blogs we like! It is rare to see one customized on Blogger like yours. (We are big Typepad fans!)…Blog on!

  3. Terry Whalin Says:


    I’ve checked in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and the link to the teleseminar replay page does not appear to date. I’ve got the link in my blog–but it’s a blue and red blinking area on the Steve’s page which is linkless. Without the link on my blog, the reader can’t get there. I wrote Steve about it, but haven’t received any response.

    Thanks for your comment.


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