Can You Start Something Viral?

While at Mega Book Marketing University, various speakers often used the phrase viral marketing. For example, they talked about The Secret DVD which has sold millions of copies through word of mouth viral marketing. The DVD has turned into a bestselling book which will top the New York Times nonfiction hardcover list for the next two weeks. I understand the controversial nature of The Secret yet you have to admire the viral nature of this effort.

Can you start something which will spread like wildfire? As you start it, can you give the enthused person the tools to help you spread it. Here’s one idea that came from the massive amount of information last weekend–and it’s free.

Just look at this button related to my FREE Right-Writing Newsletter:

I’ve added one of these buttons to my newsletter page. I’ve also added a different button in the right-hand column of these entries about The Writing Life:

Why in the world would I want to add these buttons? If you go to the pages, you will notice that I’ve added different buttons than the two above. This simple tool can become viral or the reader can easily pass your site on to others. It’s the type of action we want to take as we tell people about our books and other products.

This tool is free–that’s right FREE. The site is at Tell A Friend Generator. You fill out your first name, your email where you want the script and the location that you want passed on to others. In seconds, you will receive the email buttons like above yet leading people to your website. It’s just one of the numerous resources I learned about this past weekend.

5 Responses to “Can You Start Something Viral?”

  1. Macromoments Says:

    Glad you had the opportunity to attend the conference, Terry. It sounds like a good fit for your goals.

    Great tip! Thanks.

  2. Donna J. Shepherd Says:

    Thank you, sir! This is great. Glad you had a good time at the conference.

  3. Karen Says:

    Terry, you convinced me. I’m trying this now! Thank you for chiming in so often with great advice to those of us in FCW. See you at Mount Hermon.

  4. pamperry Says:

    Thanks Terry. Great stuff. Embracing new technology! You’re awesome. Pam Perry

  5. Kristina Says:

    Thanks for the great link!

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