A Lifetime of Learning

Late last night I returned from a marathon of marketing information in Los Angeles called the Mega Book Marketing University. I can’t recommend it enough as a life-changing experience. The people that I met were fantastic. The information was vast and diverse and the insight enormous.

Like any learning experience, the proof for the coming months will be in the follow-up and the application of the principles into every day life.

In many ways I’m on informational overload at the moment but over the next few days I’m hopeful to be able to pinpoint a few key lessons from a small portion of the overall experience. It is not going to happen today. In the meantime, if you have not done it, I would encourage you to listen to the preview calls which are stored online from this event.

2 Responses to “A Lifetime of Learning”

  1. Glenda Schoonmaker Says:

    I was at the Mega Speaking Empire in October in Los Angeles conducted by the same people as the Mega Book Marketing. It was outstanding! It’s unbelieveable the amount of information poured into attendees every single second in this super charged, high-energy format.

    It is a secular conference for those used to only going to other formats, but I would recommend all of these four type of conferences to anyone who is not feint of heart. You have to be quick to absorb, know what information to absorb, be firm in your own convictions, but it’s worth it.

    I’ll be eager to hear all you have to share.

    Sorry I missed seeing you at Mega Book Marketing. Maybe next year!

  2. Macromoments Says:

    Terry, I’m sure your journalism background has you transferring your notes doubletime into files. Sounds like the conference was right on track with your goals.

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