Another Resource About Publicity

I’m continually amazed at the vast online resources to teach you about almost any topic. For the writer, the key is to choose to learn about the particular resource at the time they need to learn about it. If you want to write children’s books, then you need to be learn more about this area. If you want to write magazine articles, then learn how to craft your articles. If you want to write books, then you need to understand how book publishers process ideas and be crafting a book proposal.

Yesterday I wrote about press releases as a tool to expand your message and reach new audiences. One of the comments came from Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound. Until her comment, I had not visited her website but what a vast resource on this topic (and much of it free). In the press release area, Joan has created a free 89 lesson tutorial to teach you how to craft and use news releases. You gain her personal instruction and insight as a 20-year veteran journalist. Late yesterday I signed up to receive this instruction. Why? There is always something new to learn and I am continuing to learn and grow as a writer, editor and now agent.

As a writer, you can certainly delegate the publicity and marketing roles to your book publisher. That’s your choice and you will reap the results of such a decision–positive and negative. Publishers are looking for authors to partner with them in this process. I love the opening sentence in Jaqueline Deval’s Publicize Your Book! because it resonates truth from my experience, “The reality of book publishing is that there are too few resources to support every book.” While I haven’t examined each area of The Publicity Hound, it looks like a great place to learn more about this area.

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