The Snap Difference

Bloggers love to include lots of links. It’s one of the trademarks of this form of writing and something I’ve practiced from the beginning of these entries on the Writing Life. The links are a way to give additional information and value to the reading experience. But what if you accidentally put in the wrong link or a link which doesn’t work? If you do, you frustrate lots of readers.

Yesterday for the first time, I went to Duct Tape Marketing, which has numerous blog awards. I’ll be returning here often. As I looked around the site, each time my mouse pointed to a link, to my surprise the actual site appeared in a miniature format. It’s a free tool called Snap Preview Anywhere that you can also get at It’s quick and a matter of pasting a bit of code into the blog template. According to, 50% of searches end in failure. Their search tool is something you should look into downloading, installing and giving a test drive.

Attention Feedblitz readers: I’m including a little visual from but this graphic doesn’t do justice to the experience. Please click over to my actual blog location from this email and test drive this addition to the blog. It is easy to install and free.

4 Responses to “The Snap Difference”

  1. Macromoments Says:

    Terry, thanks for the tip on I’ve seen it used at WordPress, also. One question, though: I went to the website to get the code and all they offer is a search “block”. I don’t necessarily want the search feature; just code to make the popups for links.

    Any tips on that? Thanks.

  2. Terry Whalin Says:


    It’s called Snap Preview Anywhere. This link should take you to the right place.


  3. Macromoments Says:

    Terry, thanks!
    It took about a minute total, for both my Macromoments blog and my JustPics site. Incredible tool!

  4. (Jim &) Brandy Brow Says:

    I LOVE this tool. Thanks for sharing it.

    Brandy of The Building Brows

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