If You Hate "Marketing"

Many writers hate marketing. Yes, I understand it’s a strong word but in many cases, they avoid it like the plague. They say things like, “I’d rather take my time and write another book than to spend any effort on marketing.” I understand this perspective and feel like they need to use a different word than marketing–then maybe it will make sense to them why they need to be involved in this aspect of the business.
During the last few days, I was listening to a podcast from John Kremer. Follow this link and download this free resource. If you don’t know Kremer then you haven’t tried to google the words “book marketing” because he’s usually at the top or near the top of these words in almost any search engine. For many years, Kremer has been the go-to expert in this area. His best-known book is over 700 pages and packed with information for anyone interested in learning more about selling books. I’m talking about 1001 Ways to Market Your Books by John Kremer (6th Edition). I’ll admit this book is a bit daunting to use from the sheer size. It’s an encyclopedia of ideas for reaching more people with your book and message–no matter whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction. Also you should get this resource no matter where you are in the process. Even if you are just “thinking about” writing a book, the insight in this book can help you get some fresh ideas for your book proposal or your pitch to the editor or literary agent.
I want to return to those people who hate marketing. The key point of Kremer’s podcast is that selling your book is about relationships. You are looking to expand your relationships with anyone interested in the topic of your book. It might be through a newsletter that you grow the mailing list. It might be through an online group. It might be taking your local bookseller to coffee and asking a lot of questions about the business. What active and daily steps are you taking to expand your relationships?
As another resource, go to Kremer’s site and sign up for his book marketing tips e-zine. It’s packed with information to help you expand your relationships. I appreciate what Mike Hyatt wrote about the importance of creating an excellent product. Your writing must be excellent and I’d encourage each reader to take steps to hone their craft and learn more about the writing. When you’ve created this desirable and important product, work on making new relationships.

2 Responses to “If You Hate "Marketing"”

  1. Richard Mabry Says:

    I noticed the new color of your blog template, and was drawn to the change in your profile information. Congratulations and best wishes on your transition to serving the writing community as an agent.
    And, as always, thanks for giving us good, useful, practical information.

  2. Brenda Nixon Says:

    I have Kremer’s daunting encyclopedia and am thankful for it. My goal is to read a tip or two a day and implement it if possible. I also receive his book marketing tip of the week via email. Both of these are valuable resources and I highly recommend them.
    Thanks again, Terry, for your words of wisdom and willingness to share with others.

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