Bookmark These Resources

If you ever need to create a quick bibliography, then check out While it only works for books, you put in the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), select the type of bibliographic entry that you need (MLA, APA or Chicago/Turabian), hit the button that says, “Get Citations” and instantly you have the citation along with a permanent URL to reference. It’s a  resource worth bookmarking into a folder in your favorites.

BackflipI mark a number of websites into the favorites of my computer, but what if through some disaster, my computer crashes, what happens to all of that research and experience? Does it disappear? It does unless you protect it. Or what if you are away from your personal computer at the library and need to find a particular website but can’t recall the exact location? Are you stuck? Maybe unless you have stored all of your favorites into a place called I’ve mentioned this site before but it was almost two years ago.  If you are at someone’s office or wherever, you can always access your favorite links.

Both of these resources have a great price tag: free. Take a few minutes to look around but make sure you bookmark them for your needs and your writing life.

One Response to “Bookmark These Resources”

  1. Bonnie Calhoun Says:

    Wow…thanks for the great resources!

    If my laptop crashes, I’m taking the bridge!

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