Dan Poynter on YouTube

For many years, I’ve heard about Dan Poynter and his self publishing efforts. I’ve yet to read one of his books or attend one of his seminars.

Today I located this short ten-minute clip on YouTube and enjoyed watching it. I’ve never embedded any YouTube clips in my entries about the Writing Life but this one is relevant and I learned something else in the process. I’m intrigued about how Poynter is using this clip as another viral marketing effort for his work and his business. Maybe it will spark an idea for one of you and how you could use it for your own writing efforts.

2 Responses to “Dan Poynter on YouTube”

  1. Vicki Caruana Says:

    I saw Dan Poynter in person a few months ago at a National Speaker Association meeting doing his workshop on publishing. He’s excellent and I learned a lot. The video clip is great, Terry. Thanks for including it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dan Poynter is one of my favorite writer/publishers. I view him as a key mentor in my life. I also attended his workshop near the Los Angeles airport. I’ve read several books on self publishing, and I believe Don Poynter’s book THE SELF-PUBLISHING MANUAL is head and shoulders above them all. So practical!

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