It’s Good To Take Stock

Most of us are running pretty hard every day and all day. It’s rare—yet wise to occasionally pull back and take stock about why we do what we do (and how we got started doing it).

Blogging101_5questionsRecently I had such an opportunity when it comes to the topic of blogging. Cory Miller is running a five question series about blogging for pastors on his Church Communications Pro website.  It gave me a chance to briefly evaluate why I continue to write information into this blog and the value and focus.  Here’s my answers to Cory’s questions.

Each of us make daily decisions about what we will write and what we will leave behind. This process doesn’t have a single answer but the response will change from time to time.  There are many times in my life when I’ve taken stock and moved in a different direction with my writing or my editing.  There is value in taking stock, learning something new, then applying this new insight to your daily work. It’s a regular part of my writing life to make these types of adjustments. I’m off to work on some book proposals which need to be completed and pushed out into the marketplace of ideas.

Like someone told me many years ago: it doesn’t get written when you only think about it. The writing only comes from simply putting your fingers on the keyboard and keeping them on the keyboard until the words are written. It’s not very profound but true.

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