And the Quill Winners Are…


Several weeks ago, I encouraged you to raise your voice and vote for the Quill Book Awards. Tonight the results of the winners were announced.

I’m still on the road for a few more days—at the beautiful Glorieta Christian Writers Conference. The fall colors on the trees are vibrant. When you count the faculty, there are about 500 in attendance. It makes for a loud buzz in the little appointment room but the enthusiasm and energy which everyone has for writing is invigorating. At this point, I’ve taught the first session of my continuing class on the nonfiction book. I will have a total of four sessions and my first session seemed fairly packed with at least 60 people. It was an encouraging start to this conference.

2 Responses to “And the Quill Winners Are…”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Greetings Terry,
    I’m amazed you’re logging entries while at this conference. Having witnessed the pace at the Blue Ridge one, ‘don’t know where you find the time or energy. But THANKS! Your entries have been a great continuing ed class for me … and a source of much needed encouragement. Blessings to you and all in attendance.

  2. Bonnie Calhoun Says:

    Wow, don’t know where your finding all the time and energy to post…the continuing session must be invigorating you!

    I absolutely love ANYTHING Tyler Perry does!

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