Celebrate Innovation

As a writer, I try and celebrate and learn from the innovations of others. I hope you take this type of action in your own writing life. It’s what I’ve written about repeatedly in these entries.

At the moment, I’m facing some deadlines but I wanted to give links to several innovations and resources. First, today marks the final day of the first online book fair. It’s on a site called Love Of Reading so cruise over there, enter the raffles and learn from the author information. I signed up for their newsletter and applaud their creative efforts.

Here’s a second innovation where there is still time to participate. Next week Muse Online is launching an online writers conference. It’s been a huge effort for Lea Schizas. There are many people who for financial reasons or physical limitations, can’t get to a conventional writers conference. The response has been massive—something like over 400 people was the last number that I recall.  Because I’m teaching the continuing class on the nonfiction book next week at the Glorieta Christian Writer’s Conference,  there was only one day (Monday) which I could get involved in this online conference. I’m teaching a single hour about Book Proposals That Sell.  Don’t rush over to sign up because Lea tells me that she has cut off the registration for my class at 60 participants.  While I’ve done some online chats, I’ve never participated in this type of conference so I will learn something from the experience. I look forward to this new experience.

Finally, I want to tell you about Janet Switzer and her book publishing protocol. I downloaded this material about a week ago and have read it once—but need to process it again. Today I noticed she has a couple of MP3 audio files on this page. This morning I’ve downloaded both of them but haven’t had a chance to listen to the full program. It looked like another innovative resource and it might be something to help your writing life

I look at each of these innovations as a way to increase our learning about publishing and some of the things happening in the marketplace. If it works for you, great. If not, then please don’t email me and complain about it.  From my limited investigation, each of these innovations are designed to help you in your journey within the publishing community. I celebrate each innovation. From my experience within publishing, too many people are stumbling around trying to gain insight. If any one of these innovations, help people, then the entire publishing community is better for that experience.

2 Responses to “Celebrate Innovation”

  1. Robin Bayne Says:

    The conference sounds good! Wish I could still register today : )

    Have a wonderful experience.

  2. Melanie Dobson Says:

    Thanks for keeping us up on all the latest innovations, Terry! It’s impossible for me to keep track of all these new resources on my own.

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