Do Blogs Turn Into Books?

Occasionally someone will ask me if a blog can turn into a book. Yes, it happens from time to time but it is rare. There is a bit of insight into some books which have their roots in blogs in an article from Calvin Reed in the September 25th issue of Publishers Weekly. Read the full article at this link.

Notice focus is going to be one key to whether your blog will become a book or not. Many blogs are all over the map in terms of their actual content. Here’s a paragraph from Reed’s article: “We look for blogs focused on a single issue or theme,” Lasner [Editor in chief of Ig Publishing] said, “rather than just general commentary.” Basing each title on an ongoing single-issue blog serves to build an audience online. “Our marketing doesn’t start from scratch,” explained Lasner. “These bloggers are committed and are going to write about these issues anyway—so promotion doesn’t begin with the book and it won’t end after the book is out.”

It’s some food for thought if you have a long-range plan of turning your blog into a book project.

6 Responses to “Do Blogs Turn Into Books?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So, publishers will consider a story that has been posted on a blog site?

    I ask this question as my blogs are fictional ones. One day I’d like to get them traditionally published. I have received a bit of conflicting advise in regards to the “legal” nature of information posted on blogs.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Terry Whalin Says:


    I am not a lawyer nor dispensing legal advice. What I have found from my experience in publishing that a blog can be a “seed” for a book idea. So anything will be drastically reworked and transformed before it appears in print–but the germ of the work came from blogging consistently about a single topic. Maybe that will clarify it for you.

    Almost anything is possible–and some times possible things happen–particularly if it is pitched at at the right place and the right time and to the right person–and it is excellent. I know those are a lot of qualifiers but it’s just a glimpse at what it takes to happen.


  3. Crystal Says:

    With so many blogs out there, this is such good advice–to focus on a single topic. Thank you for having your blog and for constantly making us aware of what is going on in the publishing world. This was fascinating information.

  4. Karen Wingate Says:

    Thank you for posting this information about blogs today, Terry. As I struggle through the learning curve of creating my own blog, I found this helpful and encouraging. Particularly, from reading your posts, I am learning how to effectively use links in my posts

    Thanks again for sharing from your writing experience.

    Karen Wingate

  5. James Aach Says:

    One approach is the “blook” – where a completed book is posted on a blog – often in episodic form. This can demonstrate both craft and marketability. Reader feedback can also be a nice benefit. While I haven’t had a mainstream publisher jump on board, I’ve had very positive reviews on my blook novel “Rad Decision” – a thriller that’s also an insider’s portrayal of the nuclear power industry.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you Terry.

    You words make so much sense and it’s really cleared that up for me.



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