Increase Your Awareness

Anything you can do to learn more about books and publishing in general is always a good thing from my perspective. It helps you increase your awareness. Earlier this week, I told you about a free teleseminar for novelists so they could learn more about book promotion. It was a good session and I gained a number of tips from this phone seminar.

John Kremer mentioned a website that was completely unfamiliar to me called Shelf Awareness. Apparently it is run by two former staff members at Publisher’s Weekly with the purpose of helping retailers of books, libraries and others to learn more about the book trade. The site includes a free email newsletter. Before I signed up for the newsletter, I read a number of  their back issues. According to the site, this newsletter has been daily since last June.

From my perspective, you can take a number of these types of newsletters. They amount to focused publishing information which is coming your direction. I  often skim through them and delete them. Some times they will bring some important bit of information.  Other times they will call to my attention some detail or news that is worth remembering and trying to fit into my own writing life. 

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