Simon & Schuster Acquires Howard Publishing

Agreement with Growing Christian Publisher Marks S&S

Entry into Christian Publishing Marketplace



NEW YORK, February 13 — Simon & Schuster has acquired Howard Publishing, a leading Christian and inspirational publishing company based in West Monroe, Louisiana.  The announcement was made by Jack Romanos, President and Chief Executive Officer of Simon & Schuster, Inc., and John Howard, President of Howard Publishing.  Terms of the acquisition were not made public.

            As part of the acquisition, Howard will become an imprint of the Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Division.  John Howard will serve as Executive Vice President and Publisher, reporting to Carolyn Reidy, President of the Division.  Howard’s editorial and publishing staff will continue to be based in Louisiana.  Read the rest of the official news release.

6 Responses to “Simon & Schuster Acquires Howard Publishing”

  1. S.K. Says:

    Interesting news — what will this do to the number of fiction titles you acquire?

  2. Terry Whalin Says:

    S.K. Interesting question. I’m unsure of the answer but it will reveal itself in the weeks ahead.

    The Writing Life

  3. Dineen A. Miller Says:

    There seems to be a lot of shuffling around going on in the publishing industry. Heard about Warner last week. Is this a new trend or something?

  4. Heather Ivester Says:

    Wow. This was very interesting. I had no idea. I know that Harper Collins is parent to Zondervan, and I saw their booth at CBA Advance, along with Simon & Schuster. I’ve spoken to Ron Smith by phone before — he helped me set up an interview with one of his clients, so that’s interesting that he seemed to be a key person in this acquisition. I read recently that Christian books are the fastest-growing segment of the book market — so the customer is fueling this trend. I think a big parent like Simon & Schuster will probably help lower prices and get Christian books in even more stores — especially the big discount chains. Thanks for sharing this news. As always, your blog gives me something new to ponder.

  5. Sam Pakan Says:

    Sounds exciting. And a bit scarey. So now that Simon and Schuster has acquired Howard and CBS has acquired Simon and Schuster, or so I read, does this mean you’ll be sharing an office with Andy Rooney maybe?

  6. Camy Tang Says:

    I wonder how this will change things for you.

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