Wonder about the Future of Books

Are you aware of what’s happening with technology? How is that affecting the traditional book market? Will it affect that market?

If you want some insight into these questions, I recommend you cruise over to Working Smart by Michael S. Hyatt.  Mike is the president and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, which is the ninth largest book publisher in the United States.  Over the last couple of days, Mike has provided some keen insight into this question.  Here’s his first post on this topic. I appreciated the clarification in Mike’s second post.  Notice what Mike says about the impact of just a slight change in the balance.

I belong to an online group which has a current thread about book statistics. It’s a challenge for anyone to get a handle on the statistics related to the number of books published and the various categories. It’s rare to get a glimpse into the thinking of someone in Mike’s leadership position within publishing and I appreciate the insight in these posts. Hopefully you will gain from it as well.

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