Dreams Based On Reality

If you saw as many book proposals as I see, you would be surprised at the consistent lack of realism in the marketing section from would-be authors. All too often, they will say something like, “I’m willing to do radio and television interviews to promote the book.” Yes, I would hope so. Or occasionally I will see this sentence, “I would be willing to appear on Oprah.” That statement to me is like the guy who buys a single lottery ticket every Friday night and says, “If I win, I would accept the prize.” There is little possibility of that appearance ever happening. The producers at Oprah receive thousands of pitches. Authors want to be on Oprah’s show because it’s been proven that her audience is a book buying audience—which responds from these programs.

I’ve never written the type of book or concept that would appeal to Oprah and her producers. See the first step? It’s having the right idea to even appear on the program. Then your idea has to be pitched to the producers in the right manner and at the right time and the right place. It can happen. I’ve had author friends who have appeared on Oprah’s program but it’s extremely rare. One of the ways you can make your dream of appearing on the show reality is to be as educated as you can about the show. What sort of topic is desired? What is the best way to pitch it? What is important to know when you appear on the show? There are dozens of other questions. Here’s a free resource to learn some of these answers.  Susan Harrow is a media coach and has placed several people on the Oprah Show. OK. See how that establishes credibility for listening to what she has to say? Here’s a free hour audio teleseminar called Q & A to Get on Oprah & Other TV Talk Shows.

It’s great to have dreams about your future. Let’s base our dreams on reality. Arm yourself with the knowledge to achieve those dreams.

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