Curl Up With A Good Book

This past weekend in San Diego writer’s conference, it was fun to hear what other writers are reading. Several of us swapped recent books that we’ve read and enjoyed. I consistently go back and forth between nonfiction and fiction titles—as you can see if you read these entries about the writing life. I’m often reading something which I can’t write much about—because you would only find it frustrating. The book will not be available for several months so instead I choose to write about books that you can easily find.

One of the keynote speakers, Barbara Nicolosi, gave me an advance review copy of her forthcoming book. It was one of two copies that she brought to the conference. I plan to write more about this book in another month or so—when you can get it. I’ve seen Barbara off and on at various conferences over the years and we’ve talked briefly. In fact, I have emailed her several times (without response). I thought those emails were never received—but in fact, she had read them and still planned to respond. I add this little bit of information so you understand that not everyone responds to every email. It’s impossible—especially with huge volume and some people like Barbara have good intentions. So..if your email is falling into a black hole without response, don’t despair. It is hopefully being read and I hope you will increase your patience—as I’m trying to do with many people and hopefully they are doing with me as well. It’s another reality of this publishing business.

Let’s return to my topic of cozy books. Here’s a couple for you to consider adding to your bookshelf. For several years, Judith Miller has joined forces with Tracie Peterson to write bestselling historical novels. Now Judith Miller has launched her first novel called First Dawn: Freedom’s Path (Bethany House Publishers). The story is set after the Civil War and predominately goes between Georgetown, Kentucky and the plains of Kansas. I enjoyed the story and found it fascinating reading. Follow this link to read my full review and more detail about the book.

Last summer I met Bob Beltz and I had an advance version of the novel Somewhere Fast (NavPress) on my bookshelf.  One afternoon, I was looking for something different to read and I started on the first few pages of this book. Almost immediately I was hooked into this contemporary novel of a middle age man trying to find his spiritual connection while riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle across Route 66.  Bob is writing his first novel and I hope the Harley Davidson crowd catches on to this title. There is a great deal of spiritual truth built into the fun storyline. As with First Dawn, follow this link to learn more about Somewhere Fast.

I hope over the next few days, you will take a bit of time to curl up with a good book. The experience will transport you to a different place—and that could be fun.

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