An Introduction To PyroMarketing

Over the last few days, I’ve been telling you some of the fascinating information for writers that I’ve learned from reading PyroMarketing. I hope I’ve stirred your imagination about this concept and how applicable it is for writers and all sorts of new products.

If you are a bit muddled about the concept and how PyroMarketing is different from any other type of marketing effort. You may be wondering the fire analogy and how it makes sense with this concept. Or maybe you’d like to read a couple of detailed examples about how PyroMarketing works.

I’ve got good news for you.

This week, Greg Stielstra sent me a PDF of the introduction his book with permission to use it. It’s the first dozen pages of PyroMarketing. Rather than write another entry about the book, here’s the link to this introduction. I recommend everyone who is involved in any sort of marketing—and if you are a writer or editor, then you are involved in marketing (whether you want to be or not)—download this PDF, study it and pass it on to others.  You still need to purchase the book to get the complete picture—but it’s a substantial taste to give you some insight about the value of this book.

5 Responses to “An Introduction To PyroMarketing”

  1. Gina Holmes Says:

    Thanks Terry. I remember you trying to drill it into me a couple years back at a conference how important marketing was for a novelist. I wasn’t hearing you really because I wasn’t at the place where that was important. It is now as I hope to place my novels. You’ve been the biggest help to me in this part of the publishing process and I wanted to say thanks!

  2. C.J. Darlington Says:

    I’m printing the pages out now. Thanks for sharing, Terry.

  3. Sara Says:

    I read about this book in Christian Retailing yesterday… apparently there was a bit of a bruhaha with Rick Warren and Purpose Driven not wanting to be included in the book. Interesting stuff. I’ve been away from the writer groups the last few weeks… getting my feet (ok and my head) wet in freelancing has taken most of my time! But at least I’m busy! 🙂 Let’s talk soon!

  4. Terry Whalin Says:

    Sara, you are exactly right. PyroMarketing was supposed to release in July but was held up until the release this week. There were articles about the matter in Publisher’s Weekly and other places. Greg Stielstra, the author of PyroMarketing was the marketing manager at Zondervan and managed the campaign for the PDL–and uses PDL as illustrations in his book. As of this week, Greg is the Vice President of Marketing for Christian books at Thomas Nelson and PyroMarketing kept the PDL examples in the book–as you will see in this sample of the book.

  5. Kim Dushinski Says:

    Terry, thanks for sharing! I cannot wait to read it and to get my hands on the full book.

    FYI, I linked back to this page from our blog.

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