Skeptic but Surprised

This past week I’ve been seeing and reading reviews and interviews with the various cast members of Batman Begins which potentially is the blockbuster movie for the summer. When my wife offered to go see it, I leaped at the chance.  (She usually not real keen on these action types of films).

We’ve seen the other movies in the Batman series. Several years ago when we saw the last Batman movie, it was so dark and the story so poorly crafted that I almost fell asleep in it. I wondered about Batman Begins and if it would live up to the advance publicity. Last week I watched an interview with Christian Bale who plays the lead of Bruce Wayne (Batman). Hee emphasized the film would have a story and that was one of the keys to his involvement in the film. The skeptic part of me thought, Yeah, right. Story. Like the last Batman film?

After watching the film, my skepticism turned into surprise. The movie has a solid story and the story carries throughout the film—from beginning until the end. Yes, it has a lot of action and comic-book like characters but I was impressed with the final product.

In the last few weeks, I’ve learned how to use I’m the sort of person who doesn’t like standing in theater lines (if there is another choice).  While has a service charge, I’ve discovered (free). If you select one of those theaters (which is near our home), you can purchase your ticket in advance (without a service charge) and avoid the line. When you arrive at the theater, you swipe your credit card in the machine and it says “Print Your Tickets?” and you touch the button and your tickets are instantly printed.  It’s something else to explore in the technology realm—if you haven’t already used it.

I love being skeptical about a movie or a book and being surprised. It was a gift.

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