Beating The Distractions

I’m fascinated with many different subjects. During my college years, one of my majors was political science. It set a lifetime habit that continues to this day and I follow many aspects in the political realm.

I love to read a good fiction book—and read a number of them in different genres of fiction. Yet, I read in the nonfiction world as well—many different types of books.

And magazines? I take something like 40 of them and flip through most of them fairly thoroughly.

If you love to learn and discovering new information, the Internet can be a treasure trove of new ideas and new concepts. You can read and research until the hours have disappeared. And the work? What happened to the writing and editorial work? Did it get accomplished? Not if you get distracted from it.

How do you focus and keep on track? Some great advice and wisdom is built into this article from my friend Kristi Holl on Dealing with Distractions. It’s a new addition at and just might be the perfect insight for your writing life. I hope so.

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