Dream About Writing Full-time?

Many people dream of writing a book and getting it published. Or they want to quit their full-time jobs and turn to freelance writing. Are you ready to take the plunge? Through this blog, I’m going to discuss the writing life–the ups and downs–the dangers and the joys of working in the publishing world. This material will supplement my Right-Writing website. From time to time, I will include links to new articles on the site and other tidbits about publishing and writing. I hope you will return often to read my insight about the writing life.

2 Responses to “Dream About Writing Full-time?”

  1. peaches Says:

    I am a young 42yr old woman, paralegal, single mother, who’s child became very ill and now I am needed home 24/7. I have always been able to write down things from my heart and soul which I could never even begin to say- I have made some people actually cry- I think I have always had what it takes to write a ‘best seller’ I just never knew how to put everything down on paper. Is there a book that can help someone like me take the first steps? Thanks so much, Stephanie C.

  2. Mary Says:

    It’s eleven twenty eight in the morning and I am still amazed about the dream I had earlier. It was so vivid and fascinating that I did not want to get out of bed, I wanted to continue dreaming. When my husband nudged at me to get me going I told him “hold on” I am in the middle of something. I am postive that the dream was good enough to write a best selling fantasy novel about it. I have other talents, one of them being art. Sketching has always been a major talent of mine, and I have always had a nac for writing, But I am not sure how to take the first steps to actually achieve this goal. I will not let this dream go. I will take what I remember from it and add on to complete the story. Then I will go from there. One of the characters in my dream even had a full name.
    It was a woman. That is really stuck on my mind.
    I have no ideas why or how this dream happened, There has been no circumstances or events that have occurred recently that would inspire such a dream.
    I know nothing about the theme that I have played in my head, so I will continue to do research and gain more information so that I can write about more accurate and believable characters and and an incredible storyline.

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